Tan with confidence! Trust Ergoline UK – Always

So you’re thinking about investing in an Ergoline sunbed? 
That’s great! With an Ergoline sunbed you are already planning to set yourself apart from the competition.

You can only buy or lease a genuinely new Ergoline sunbed in the UK from our subsidiary Ergoline UK. If you find any other company in the UK offering a brand new Ergoline sunbed – the alarm bells should start ringing and you need to ask a number of key questions.

For more information on what to ask, call Ergoline UK direct on 020 8498 7277 and our Team will advise you.
Ergoline UK is a company you can trust, with over 30-years of success and experience in the UK’s tanning business.
You can trust our products and you can trust our Team.
But we are about more than trust and heritage. We are about Customer Care, looking after the needs of all our customers.

Ergoline UK engineers are Ergoline Engineers. They are the only engineers in the UK to receive regular training and engineering updates from our factory in Germany.  Ensure your sunbed is kept in tip-top condition with Ergoline UK servicing and maintenance.
Other companies may make claims but only Ergoline UK guarantees.
Talk to Ergoline UK about your plans – the cost of a phone call could save you and give you peace of mind.

Call Team Ergoline today - 020 8498 7277