Prestige 1600

The Prestige range from Ergoline represents the latest UV technology combined with innovative comfort features and classic design. The new top model, Prestige 1600, is setting new standards in radiant tanning technology with its improved Hybrid Performance and Radiance LEDs. This unique combination of UV and red light delivers an exceptionally attractive and long-lasting tan with simultaneous skincare. Another totally new feature is Personal Sunstyle. Every customer can personally select their tan level with the simple touch of a button. The feel-good features including really easy-to-use touch screen control panel and Bluetooth® Connect truly deliver luxury at the highest level.

  • Design

    Stunning design! The LED Light Show mesmerizes with new dynamic colour schemes that can be set to match salon décor or even seasonal colours, while the sunbed’s dramatic angles and Silverpearl design complement this stunning illumination. Thanks to the red LED interior light, the new interior tunnel features are emphasised and the brightly lit tanning tunnel looks exceptionally clean and inviting to customers.

    • Decor Color: Silverpearl
    • LED Light Show with over 1400 long-lasting high performance LEDs 
    • Over 200 colours and animations
    • Illuminated Ergoline logo in the canopy
    • LED Interior Light: red illuminated tanning tunnel
    • Radiance LED: eye-catching standby illumination
  • UV Technology

    Top tanning performance! The Hybrid Performance technology provides perfect tanning without compromise. The smartsun PLUS lamps build up pigmentation and, in combination with the Trend UV lamps, an immediately visible and all over long-lasting tan is achieved. Dynamic, electronic
    ballasts always ensure 100% performance. In the facial area, four Ultra Performance PLUS facial tanners with new smartsun UVB-spaghetti lamps ensure 0.3 optimised tanning performance. The activating red light spectra improve blood circulation and oxygen supply in the skin, further enhancing the tanning process.


    • Trend UV lamps: 38 x 200 watts max.*
    • smart sun PLUS lamps: 14 x 200 watts max.*
    • Dynamic Performance
    • Shoulder tanner: 2 x 240 Watt


    • Facial tanner: 4 x 520 watts max.*
    • smartsun UVB spaghetti lamps: 3 x 8 watts
    • Radiance LED Technology
    • 0.3 Optimized Performance

    * The maximum UV output is adapted to the national regulations..

  • Personal Sunstyle

    Desired tan at the touch of a button! Individual choice of tan from gentle to intense. Each user simply selects their customised tanning experience from three tanning programme options. Regardless of whether your customer is looking for a lightly tanned complexion or a directly visible, long-lasting tan: the Prestige 1600 with Personal Sunstyle is the perfect sunbed. As always, the intensity of the facial tanners can be adjusted
    at any time during the session or turned off completely. This also makes UV-free use of the Radiance red light possible in the facial area - helping you attract new target clientele!

    • Intensive: 100% Intensity
    • Medium:    85% Intensity
    • Sensitive:   65% Intensity
  • Radiance LEDs

    Skincare included! The combination of UV light and Radiance red light enables an exceptionally attractive tan that also takes care of the skin whilst tanning. The face and décolleté are pampered by special Radiance LEDs for velvety smooth skin and a fresh complexion. The red light spectrum developed in co-operation with light biologists is finely tuned to the biological reaction spectra of the skin. The computerised geometry of the reflectors ensures an even illumination of the face and décolleté. The Radiance element of the smartsun PLUS lamps in the sunbed deliver a relaxing experience for the rest of the body.

    • 4 panels with 32 Radiance LEDs
    • 14 smartsun PLUS lamps for the body
    • 3 smartsun UVB spaghetti lamps for the face
  • Comfort

    All-round feeling of wellbeing! The standard comfort features with Aqua Fresh, Aroma, Climatronic and 3D sound deliver luxury at the highest level.  All feel-good settings can be adjusted using the touch screen control panel before the tanning session begins and can also be stored on the customer’s card using NFC Connect. When the chip is held up to the NFC field on the customer's next visit the sunbed is automatically adjusted to all of the customer’s personal preferences. Lie down, eyes closed, goggles on and relax – every user automatically gets their very own favourite sunbed experience.

    • Bluetooth® Connect
    • Climatronic PLUS including enclosed tanning tunnel
    • Comfort Cooling PLUS
    • Touch screen Control Center to to pre-select all comfort features
    • NFC Connect / Personal Comfort
    • Multi Relax Acrylic
    • Aqua Fresh & Aroma
    • 3D Sound including Voice Guide, MP3 connection, Auto Play & Auto Volume
  • Handling

    Service made easy! Easy-care materials and the new Service Lights on the base make cleaning easier than ever before for salon staff. The easy-to-use Professional Set-Up Manager in the Control Center provides you with a comprehensive and self-explanatory device management system. Selecting the LED Light Show or adjusting the air-conditioning or ventilation - all the settings can be carried out simply and easily. And with NFC Connect you can transfer the entire configuration to other sunbeds in a matter of seconds.

    Your customers can experience another benefit during their tanning session - the intuitive and convenient touch screen control panel ('Smart Control') with large display makes operation easier than ever before. Simply select the desired function and adjust using plus and minus. During the operation the Radiance LEDs are dimmed automatically to increase the visibility of the Smart Control display.

    • Smart Control
    • Control Center
    • NFC Connect
    • Personal Comfort
    • Professional Set-up
    • Service Light
    • Voice Guide
  • Efficiency

    Easy energy savings! Dynamic electronic ballasts, efficient LED lighting and intelligent fan run-on, all guarantee superb energy efficiency. Save even more energy by adjusting the settings with Eco Tech to reduce UV power, dim the mood lighting or deactivate Climatronic or the heating.
    You decide how much energy you want to save.

    • Eco Tech: Individual energy-saving settings
    • Intelligent Performance: 1,000 hours lamp service life / 20% energy savings
    • LED Light Show: More than 30,000 hours lamp service life / up to 80% energy savings