Sunrise 480

The Sunrise 480 has 48 UV lamps with powerful Turbo Power technology and generous comfort fittings including Aqua Fresh & Aroma, 3D Sound with Voice Guide and Silent Cooling. Vibra Shape allows customers to train their physical fitness as they tan without even breaking into a sweat.

The vibration is gentle on the joints, promotes weight loss, firms up connective tissue and prevents cellulite. At the same time, the vibration plate built into the support frame promotes muscle generation and improves physical mobility and coordination.

  • Design
    • Bright White 
    • Mood Light
    • Ambient Light
  • UV-Technologien
    • 48 x 180W
    • Turbo Power
  • Comfort / Fitness


    • Optional: Vibra Shape Vibrationtraining


    • Silent Cooling
    • Optional: Aqua Fresh & Aroma
    • Optional: Stereo Sound / 3D Sound incl. Voice Guide, MP3-Connection, Auto Play & Auto Volume
  • Handling
    • Voice Guide